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Product Lines Represented

JVCKenwood USA

Two-Way Radios, including portable, mobiles, base stations, repeaters

Watson Consoles

Dispatch Console Furniture, Storage Solutions

Power Products

Batteries, chargers and audio accessories for all brands of portable radios


Leather cases for all portable radio brands


Viking P25 mobiles and portable 2-way radios, base stations and repeaters for Public Safety

Times Microwave

LMR cable, connectors, lightning protection

Bird/TXRX Systems

BiDirectional amplifiers (BDA), combiners, duplexers, base station antennas

Eclipse Tools

Tools for all service and repair facilities


Dispatch Consoles,                    Fire Station Alerting,                Paging, Remotes


Mobile, portable, base stations antennas

Pyramid Communications

Vehicular repeaters for              enhanced portable                    coverage

Philmore/LKG Industries

Full line of connectors, electronic/electric supplies, audio, video and anything a repair and service facility could use

The W.A. Hendrickson Company was founded by William A. Hendrickson in the mid-1920’s and continued by his sons Bob and Bill through the 1980’s.  In 1979, Robert Hendrickson, Jr. became the third generation to enter the company, and his brother Eric Hendrickson joined the company in 1984. Johnny Hendrickson started with us in 2015 making him the 4th generation family member.

We have represented many of our principals and customers for over 35 years.


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